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Navneet Khanna

Creating Divisional charts is complicated process, as you know we have charts from D1 that is the Lagan chart to D 60 which is the Shashtiamsha chart. The D60 chart is seen incase of twins.

Every divisional chart has a relevance. D1 is the natal chart then , D2 is for wealth, D3 is for Slibblings, D10 Dashamsha chart for profession. D9 chart for spouse. The most important charts are D1 that is the natal chart, along with Moon chart as Vedic astrology is Moon based and also the D9 chart that is the Navamsha chart.

On the forum preparing a D9 chart with calculation might not be possible , however soon I will add an article on D9 Navamsha calculation on my Blog and can always refer to it. It will be helpful for all those who want to know some calculations of Vedic charts.

We are now living in Digital world and computers and all of us including me use a computer to calculate Birth charts. Doing it manually would be highly complicated and lengthy.


Navneet Khanna

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