Shasta astaka problem

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      Kalyan chakravarthy

      Below are our birth details and we are facing shastha astaka problems.
      Male details
      Kalyan chakravarthy
      time of birth june 20 1988
      star details simha rasi, purva palguna

      female details
      time of birth may 08 1988
      star details makara rasi, uttarashada

      Please help us in providing with some solution.

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      It is simply the position of Moon which is in Sashtashtama dosha. There are 8 other planets in the horoscope and if they match well there is no problem. Read my article “Astrology – A new version” on my blog and another detailed article of which there is a link, you will understand how to establish a full compatibility of all nine planets in the horoscopes between you two. Do not believe the way side astrologers who know only how to look at Moon compatibility in isolation and decide matters. It is like buying a car looking at its paint without considering the aero dynamics, engine capacity, and many other characteristics like what mileage you get and safety measures included etc. which must be looked into.

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      Navneet Khanna

      Please provide the complete birth details which includes Date, time and place of Birth for horoscope analysis.


      Navneet Khanna

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      Below are the full details
      Please check and help me !!

      Name : Jyotsana
      DOB: May 8th 1988
      POB: machilipatnam
      TOB: 4 Am
      Nakshatram :Uttara shada
      Rasi: Makara
      Name : Kalyan
      DOB: June 20th 1988
      POB :Vijayawada
      TOB: 1:56 Pm
      Rasi: Simha
      Nakstram: pubba

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        It looks like a old query – not sure if the querants are looking up this thread. Anyways, below are my 2 bits… for whatever they are worth.

        It is true that Moon/Chandra in the two birth-charts are in the 6-8 positions. So, thinking of the two individuals are usually not aligned… contributing to frequent misunderstandings, arguments etc. Further, Moon/Chandra in the lady’s birth-chart is caught in the midst of malefic or Krura-Grahas, contributing to fears, insecurities, anxieties, unwanted stress etc. To make matters worse, she has been going through Sade-Sathi or Saturn/Shani-dev’s transit across natal placement of Moon/Chandra… and in the midst of Rahu Maha-Dasha (placed in the 12th house). She has now changed  Maha-Dasha to that of Jupiter/Guru-dev, who seems to have been torched for being in close proximity to a powerfully placed Sun/Ravi.

        On the other side of the spectrum, the gentleman’s birth-chart has Moon/Chandra posited in the Lunar Constellation of Magha Nakshatra, ruled by Ketu… while being caught in the Ketu-Rahu axis. Mars/Kuja being engaged in a fierce planetary war or Graha-Yudha with bitter and sworn enemy Rahu is not helping the cause. So, Moon/Chandra is caught in a precarious situation. To make matters worse, he was in the midst of Moon/Chandra Maha-Dasha, who has limited support on either side of the flanks, making the individual a bit of a loner, with few friends and limited social life. He will soon start Maha-Dasha of Mars/Kuja and with Saturn/Shani-dev’s transit to Pisces/Meena Rashi, will start Ashtama-Shani… will be a bit of a turbulent time.

        Take care…

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      Shastashtama is not such a dosha contributed by the planet Moon only. There are nine planets in your horoscope and just because one planet is having a problem, it does not mean there is no match between the horoscopes. Read my blog articles “Marriage failures-How astrology can help” for more details.

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