Divorce timing and prediction

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      My DOB is 10th sep 1977, time 14.58 afternoon, place Varanasi Uttar Pradesh.

      I want to divorce my wife. There are many reasons which I don’t wish to discuss over here.

      I don’t have her horoscope because her parents had faked her horoscope to match my at time of arranging marriage.

      Could you please kindly check my charts and advise when is timing and prospect for divorce in my chart. I am male.

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      Your Nature: Very independent minded and rebellious. You want to break barriers and question status quo in all situations. Very intelligent and Sensitive to things.

      You are a perfectionist and want everything to be done perfectly. You cannot tolerate others making mistakes.

      You are into some kind of business and are doing pretty well financially.

      If the Above are true, then:

      Primary problem is ego clash between you and your wife. But inspite of fights and disagreements this marriage will continue and in the long run things will be fine.

      Please dont expect perfection from others. Learn to tolerate others and Love them for what they are.

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        I am also a working professional and never done business in my life and overburdened with loans.

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          My DOB is 10th sep 1977, time 14.58 afternoon, place Varanasi Uttar Pradesh.
          I want divorce but my wife doesnot want.
          I dont have her horoscope details.
          When will i get divorce

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      Thank you Sir.

      The above is not true about my nature.

      I am very accomodating and not a risk taker at all. I never challenge the status quo.

      I love another girl and I have been pulling through this marriage since many years due to lack of courage.

      An astrologer told me that I have two marriage yoga as the lord of the 7th house mercury in in my 9th house which denotes two marriages and also my mars is with jupiter in 7th house which foretells seperation and 8th house has venus with moon. Also my chart indicates that Venus is in 4th posted between Sun, Saturn and Mars. This combination foretells that a second marriage may take place through death or separation of your first wife.

      I am desperate to take divorce.

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      Send date,place and time of birth email for free advise.

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        10th sep 1977, 14.58, varanasi


        please advise

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      Mohan Krishna_9573443779

      Strong chances for divorce are in next year. Karaka for marriage Venus is (Shukra) is badly posited in your horoscope. So, even if you marry again, you will face problems in marriage. You must do complete and full remedies for Shukra graha before you proceed for another marriage. However, I see that you already lost interest in marriage and currently not willing to marry again in life.

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        i already give my wife option for divorce but she does not want to divorce me

        when will i get divorce

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        is it strong chance or its 100% confirmed ? pLease advise

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      Depressed   marriage is forced by parents.
      Divorce prediction.i need separation asap



      5.20 time

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      Nupur banik

      My date of birth is 31.12.1990 , 12 A. M. Faridabad, Haryana, India. I got married on 3rd May 2023. I want to know about my married life. Though facing some issues but still strongly wish to be with him. Can you please guide me?

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      Earlier you used to watch a lot of water with liquid soap while washing clothes and taking a bath but this have changed especially when it comes to clothes you wear at work always want to be perfect.
      There is habit of yours you don’t tell anyone you do epsecially while going to toilet at work like not using the flush or using water to clean the mirror though you have dropped this habit of your after some period of time.
      At the age of 38 your wife must have asked you to buy her a very basic golden necklace for her to wear on special like that of your mother occasion and also about you teaching her driving to send children to school and you said yes.
      And at age of 40 your wish related gaining money from a partnership involving a business expansion involving a lot of delivery related work and trucks after a lot of time and hardwork and everyone praised you because of that and you invested all that money into your home redecoration and getting your vehicle changed into a white color one.

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      My DOB is Nov 5th 1993 , Time 2:20am POB:Hyderabad,I got married on Dec 7th 2022. I want to know about my married life and in process of separation(divorce). Though facing some issues but still strongly wish to be with him. Can you please guide me?

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      My bday is 09/01/95 time 6:40pm please tell if divorce will happen i will divorce him or he will divorce me?

      Other bday is 2203/96 time is not known.please tell if he will divorce her or she will divorce him & when?

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      DOB: 17/10/1985

      Time: 01:17 pm

      place: Muzaffarnagar, UP


      do I have any predictions of Divorce in my married life?

      facing lots of damn issues only daily basis from past 8 years and my wife is not at all cooperative.


      wife DOB: 02/04/1984 (she is older than me, so DOB is correct)

      Time: 06:10 am

      place: shahranpur, UP

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      Shubham Gangaram Bhalerao

      My name is mentioned above my birthdate is 22/03/96.I love a girl named aishwarya her birthdate is 09/01/95 but my parents have forcefully fixed my wedding with nikita her birthdate is 15/04/2002. Can you please tell wether this marriage will work or i will divorce her and go back to my aishwarya?

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      1. I was dating someone.he left by saying his astrologer said again he will have divorce if he marries me. My sob is 22/10/1993 and his is 20/09/1990.can anyone help
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      Shubham Gangaram Bhalerao

      my birthdate is 22/03/1996 and hers is 15/04/2001….will the marriage end in divorce if yes then when

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      My dob is 29 July 1993 when will I get divorce

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      My DOB is 23rd April 1986 time 11:42 PM Place : Pune

      Wife details 11th April 1991 12:56 AM Place : Pune

      I want to save my marriage or divorce on my way ?? please tell me

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