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      My marriage is delayed. When will I get married?

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      Kanwar Aditya

      Are you currently away from your home. Also back at your home you and your mother must have gotten into an accident in her calves and her hands getting a permanent scar while going with someone else to get a machine solved electronical which is not working properly. Also you have long term illness related to breathing and she has thyroid or under hormonal imbalance. Also you must have been hurt emotionally by your friend cheating you after which you removed them from your life and you have closed down. yourself from everyone. Also because of being cheated by your father’s family and fight in which you and your mother were blamed over financial matters in the property you guys have created a emotional wall b/w each other. After the accident you have taken the responsibility to help and your mother and of solving the long stored electronic equipment. And the mirror in the midden of your house of the dressing table is broken. Also your mother’s sibling is in the government related work where his task is solve problems on regular basis by giving advices at the ground. And he is very reputed but you always disrespect him a little or blame him for something which is not in his control because of his obsession and earning through shortcuts. And he has habit of abusing a lot but he is very well recognized in his social circle though you always hide about him and he doesn’t go along with his father but not too tense.

      Pls reply if any of them are true I am just using pransha you have not provided birth details

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