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K.Umamaheswara Rao
k.Umamaheswara rao

Your enemies are behaving like that because of dosha in your
You have to remove negativity of your horoscope by doing penance
for 6months.Dont try to harm them and dont do sins again.
Astrology is esoteric science.It is not intended to know the employment
prospects,marriage prospects or finance prospects.This science
is mainly intended to know planetary weaknesses at your birth time,
which rule the future of your life for the next 70years after birth.
Sages say penance means doing austerities involving body suffering,
along with food discipline and sex discipline.
Easy remedies like puja,japa,homam and visiting temples will have effect only
when they are combined with tapas.
Nowadays ,even elders are busy in seeing their children getting good degrees,
then get employed and later getting married.

The planets are moving forward at a fantastic speed around
Sun and simultaneously rotating on their own axis.
Each planet including earth has got gravity and pulls and pushes
the atoms of every living object.Accordingly,your thoughts will emanate
and actions will follow.The total effect of all these planets is called
Astrology is a great science which will enable you to know your genetic defects,
spiritually.When they receive setback in their pursuit of the ambitions,
they get frustrated and will become depressed and begin to abuse their parents or their colleges or the society.
Even elders are ignorant that their financial failures or marriage failures,
have got something to do with pitfalls in their horoscope itself.
Lack of awareness of food discipline,is leading to so many diseases.
YOur horoscope has got negativity.
It indicates that you inherited bad karma from previous births.
YOu have to do penance (tapas ) for 12 or 18 months.
First type of penance–
Quantum physics says that the sub atomic particles have got
very high energy.Planets create your body at sub atomic level,
in the second month of pregnancy.Parents get a child of such
quality,depending on the sins or virtues of parents.
YOu can remove your parents sins or previous birth sins,
by doing fasting.

Penance means to avoid milk products(milk,curd,buttermilk,
sweets,nonveg,fish,eggs and dry fruits for one year.
You can take routine meals and other tiffins.
You have to eat daily 200 gms of cucumber or raddish or
capsicum or 30 leaves of coriander or Pudina.
2nd type of penance.—-
All religions accept fasting is the best method to clean soul.
To clean soul means to remove sins from your body.
You have to do fasting one day in a week,on Sanivar,for one year.
ON the day of fasting ,you can eat uncooked vegetables(unlimited
3rd type of penance–
After doing fasting like the above for 2 months,you have to do fasting
once in a week,for 3months.On the day of fasting ,you can drink
diluted lemon juice 15 times.You can add honey also ,small quantity.
YOu have to do fasting for two days in a fortnight,for 3months.
On the two days,you can diluted lemon juice 15 times.

Mahatma Gandhi used to fast for one or two days,every two weeks.
He did like that for 5 or 7 years.That is how he became so famous.
Likewise,Morarji desai became prime minister at the age of
83..He was also fasting very frequently for 30 years.
Prime minister Modi was fasting all the nine days of dasara,taking
only diluted lemon juice.He was doing like that for the last 25 years.
It is said that he was also fasting 2 or 3 days continuously,every month.
good wishes,

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