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Hi Kalpana

add me to your facebook id ( or give me ur facebook id…some discussions may not be appropriate in public platofrm.

Yes you have chance for Govt job till aug you have one full year to try the wriiten exams.after good preparation
Current dasa or time period is Mercury and jupiter as they are both in 2/12 there is confusion.
Its also Saturn 7 and half period……the best remedy is to pray to lord hanuman on Saturdays.
And also to open minded to decisions on life. Sun is very close to lagna degree meaning you want to rule others you love power being centre of attention…But you need to draw a balance and be considerate of others..others may feel you very proud person.

Regarding marriage you want to have love marriage as per your chart. 5th lord Jupiter is exalted but in 12th house along with enemy venus and ketu..saturn is present in house of romance in raasi chart and ketu is placed in navamsa in 5th house..ketu means you might have received shock in love at some point of time. Saturn being retrograde you are very much decided to have only love marriage.It might be some at work place.Mars is also aspecting Saturn that another negative point.

In bhava chart Saturn comes to house 6…opp Jupiter so which means there can be ideological differences of opinion.between the two.
But Jupiter in star of Saturn and Saturn in 5th house there is an indication that due to Saturn presence in house 5 you will have great desire to marry that person and Saturn is delaying planet.
But as Saturn is also 6th lord there be clashes with life partner.but Jupiter itself is well placed but in Saturn star again..
Saturn is in venus star, and venus is conjunct Jupiter 5th lord and Jupiter in Saturn star again, venus sub .which means planets are supporting love marriage , but there are difficulties.but there can be understading problems due as Jupiter and venus are enemies.
Conclusions that comes is it can be struggle as Saturn also means opposition from family members as person can belong to diffeerent caste.


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