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Reply To: Plz tell about health, career and marriage..?


You are of Aries Ascandant and Karkata Rashi .

You are having a connection of Love marriage .
Jupiter is afflicting 7th house . Hence , problems should be there in married life .
Mercury is also there in 7th house but won’t effect so much as it’s far from ascendant degree . (As per System Approach Astrology). You are suffering because Lagna lord Mars is with Rahu and 6th Mercury dasha is going on .
You need to make penance of Rahu, Mercury and Jupiter life long .
And, need to Chant MahaMrityanjay mantra regularly through out Life as 8th house rules Chronic Diseases . So, This disease would definitely reduce but no one can guarantee it’s complete recovery.
Your wife would be good looking but Argumentative.
Food industry is good for you .
Did You get any Hotel Management Degree?


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