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Reply To: When will my daughter get married.

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Dear Mr.Rao
Greetings from Ananda Kumar, I am contributing in
well after your daughter horoscope like to answer your questions.
Well she is born in saggitarius lagna, Anuradah star, having moon in Vrichik Rasi,
The seventh lord Mercury in 11th house of gains along with 5th/12th Lord Mars.
She is running Venus Mahadasa which is good and he is placed in 9th house along with Jupiter, Incidentally Venus is sitting in Ketu star of Magam, Hence she will get marry during Venus dasa and Venus Bukthi with Mercury Antara dasa which is going to be during next year 2018 after July. Her DK (daithiri karaka is Mercury) hence it is justified too, Mercury is holding vargothama position to make this happen.
There are good chances of getting Govt., employee for your daughter as per chart. There are good chances of her doing her own business in near future noted in Career Chart.
Ananda Kumar Sharma