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if time/date of birth are spot on, you have a very good horoscope overall (professionally and personally). You are under Jupiter Mahadasha from 21/9/2010 and Jupiter is excellently placed in 11th (in its own nakshatra with Venus as lord of marriage as sublord). Jupiter is also aspecting 5th house of romance and 7th house of marriage.

Seems like this love affair started in Jup-Sat period (btw 9/11/2012 to 23/5/2015) and there is no break of love affair in this horoscope. Cuspal sublord of 7th house is Moon placed in 11th house of desire fulfillment and extended network/family.

You will get married to person of your choice!! From end Sep 2017, Jupiter moves into your 7th house and you start Jup-Ket period from 28/8/2017 to 4/8/2017 which is decent for marriage. Otherwise VERY HIGH chances of marriage during Jup-Ven period of 4/8/2018 to 4/4/2021.

YOU WILL DO WELL IN LIFE and god bless you!
Astrologer Deepak