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thanks for sharing your query and great to hear your pious intentions of doing something for your parents. You have an excellent horoscope career wise and you will surely rise in life (Jupiter-Mars aspect makes you determined and courageous as well).

You are under Rah-Ven period from 21/4/2015. Venus is the only planet in your horoscope which is not well placed as its in 8th house in Chalit (as functional malefic) in nakshatra of Saturn with Sun as sublord thereby showing bad combinations for career. Rah-Venus ends on 21/4/2018 and you will breathe a sigh of relief.

Rahu-Sun period starting from 21/4/2018 till 15/3/2019 is an excellent time to ace any competitive government exam as Sun is well placed in nakshatra of career lord Jupiter with Jupiter as sublord. Rahu-Moon from 15/3/2019 to 13/9/2020 is also decent time.

Forget the bad period and put in your 200% preparation wise to make best use of coming time.

Chanting hanuman chalisa will help from meditation and focus point of view.

God Bless you with success,
Astrologer Deepak