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Astrologer Akash
Astrologer Akash


You cannot judge a horoscope by looking at a single planetary placement.Let me clear your doubts using Jamini jyotish.

1.During the age of 23 you were running your Pisces chara dasha and your darakaraka Sun which represents the 7th house is placed in Pisces hence you got married during that period.

2.Your Amatyakaraka is Mercury which is the Karaka for accountancy and is placed in Aquarius is the Main birth chart and in Gemini in the Navamsa chart hence you have the job of a chartered accountant.

3.Your Putrakaraka is Mars and is afflicted by Rahu in the main birth chart which shows some problems with child birth but don’t worry you will have a child before the first half of 2019.

God Bless,
Astrologer Akash.