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Hi parul

Following are some astrological explanations .

Saturn in 7th house gets Directional strength and its in star of sun and aspected by ketu and 7th cusp is ruled by ketu , venus and Guru. And saturn is dhanus raasi owned by Guru.and guru is aspecting 7th house. Roughly 23rd year was Guru controlled year and Guru gets strength by occupying lagan.

In bhava chalet chart saturn is occupying 8th house own raasi and Leaving marriage house !!

In navamsa saturn again has guru connection .

So all these indicate early marriage due to influence and Guru and saturn connection with Guru and other interconnected planets with house 7
Higher education house namely house 9 has mercury who is Guru star and guru in lagan ( Gemini ruled by mercury )Both planets have connection to accounting.
Though you also have good abilty to teach due to Jupiter moon connection.

Jupiter main planet for children seems afflicted due to being in rahu star.
And so does 5th lord venus connection with malefic planets mars and rahu.But

venus being in moon star has got good quality.

Further Venus which is moon star and moon occupying 5th house in raasi and 5th house and own raasi in saptamsa .
its Conjunction with mars and rahu who are star lord of house 5 …seems to make it an eligible candidate for child birth.

During its sub period Nov 2018 till may 2019

So permutation and combinations in astrology are many.

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