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Navneet Khanna

Your daughter is born under Mars as her Ascendant is Scorpio. Therefore it is natural she will be stubborn. Such people are highly emotional and have a firm mind. They can be good leaders but they rarely are comfortable to work under others. Her Mars is exalted in the D9 chart, therefore she will be very energetic, active and never sit ideal. She has Sun and Mercury in the 10th house, which is good. Eventually, she will get lot of name, fame. Presently her Rahu Mahadasha is going on and that is always a challenging period as it will make her defocus. You should help her become more interested in studies. I mean instead of forcing education on her, make it fun and interesting. Buy her interesting books or let her watch educational videos on Youtube.

I recently read a very interesting article which said that 1900 onwards was the period which saw greatest inventions the world has ever known. However if you compare the IQ level of those scientists of 1900 with the IQ level of children today. All the scientist of 1900 would fail. Therefore dont underestimate your children. They have the capability to outsmart us in many ways. See their strength and help them strengthen it further.


Navneet Khanna