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Hi Sir,

Below is me and my partners’s kundali matching details. Our Maitri is not matching, its 0.5 out of 5. upto this point of time i’ve understood that its not the good match. Can you please help me out? is there any way to cancel out the maitri dosh?

Guna Boy Girl Maximum Obtained Obtained Point Area Of Life
Varna Bramhin Sudra 1 1 Work
Vasya Jalch Manav 2 0.5 Dominance
Tara Ati Mitra Kshema 3 1.5 Destiny
Yoni Mesha Mahis 4 3 Mentality
Maitri Moon Venus 5 0.5 Compatibility
Gana Devta Devta 6 6 Guna Level
Bhakoot Cancer Libra 7 7 Love
Nadi Madhya Antya 8 8 Health

Boy Details –
DOB – 16-05-1994 10:15 PM
Place of Birth – Mumbai

Girl’s Details –
DOB – 10-09-1994 1:40 AM
Place of Birth – Mumbai

Please help me out? we want to marry each other.