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Prostitutes do get married daily. They lose their virgin status only once. So are other human beings also who get married more than once but lose their virginity only once.

You look at the nature. All living beings do reproduce and in this process they are locked in matrimony. That’s why I said Marriage is union of body, mind and soul. We are also another species of animals. Wedding ring, Thali or a marriage ceremony performed by a pundit are all not necessary to procreate. Sex is a natural phenomenon and it has no bounds as provided by God. You are talking about marriage as visualized in different societies the rules of which are created by men who are not having powers of God instituted in them.

Actually your definition of marriage is what is illogical. That is the way it is being done in certain localities. And for maintaining some discipline only, such rules are formulated which has no endorsement from any science including Astrology. You are mistaking Marriage for living together. There is no taboo in doing so as is permitted by the society, religion etc.

In astrology, if you ask a question when will I marry, we can only say the time when you lose your virgin status. So the question whether I will have a second marriage is meaningless. You have already lost it.

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