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when will i get married as per astrology

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    Sai Anjana

    Namaste Sir,

    I am very depressed about delay in getting married.
    My parents have searched many alliances but nothing worked out.
    Even they agreed for my love marriage but it also didnt materialize.
    I feel very inferior being a girl in 30s still not married when all my cousins, friends etc are married and well settled.
    I am spending sleepless nights with tension and my mother is also very upset.

    Please predict when I will get married and how will be my married life?

    DOB 15th January 1985
    POB Chennai
    TOB 9:15 PM

    Thank You in advance!!!

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    I think you should not worry on this count. In your horoscope marital bliss is not very encouraging due to a poor Saturn, and Venus placed in the 7th house. If you can wait till 2019, perhaps you may get a good husband, but still the chances of a progeny is very dim.

    However your house of luck is supremely potent and God’s blessing are there very much on you and that may be the reason why He is delaying your marriage.

    A life with an unhappy married life is more of a grief than being unmarried. If you look around you will find many are technically married, but are unhappy.

    You can read my blog to understand how I have arrived at this conclusion.

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    Hello TMR Sir,

    I would really appreciate if you can tell something about the follow:
    1) was doin well however suddenly lost my job in 2013 and have;nt got one still….when will i ?
    2) MArriage is also pending
    3) if i should wear moonga or moonga mala perhaps will it support? anything that i can do to help myself please

    DOB- 27-07-79
    POB- Delhi
    TOB- 2350

    Your reply would certainly be really helpful

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    You will get married by mid 2016. Do recite Narayanakavacham daily 3 times during early morning and before bedtime. You can download it from the internet. By then you will also be well settled in a new job. Give me your feedback after the expiry of 2016.

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    thank you Ramchandran Sir.
    I would definitely let you know about the proceedings (perhaps in separate mail) I am just downloading the Narayanakawacham.

    Sorry for late revert as internet in our area was down.Thanks once again

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    Sir- Sorry to bother you…Just wanted to know if the dynamics of kundli change if i say am a girl.
    by the name on mail id sometimes its a confusion so asking you pls.
    thank you!

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    Absolutely not. God’s creations are endowed with male or female characteristics on a given life. There could be Men who have feminine characteristics and vice versa. When a horoscope is evaluated, if more planets are posted in Odd signs they generally have a male characteristic in predominance and vice versa.

    Marriage is defined in astrology as union of body, mind and soul between opposite sex and it is the same for both male and female.

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    thank you Sir 🙂

    I look fowd to some +ve changes in next year for sure.

    Deep gratitude to you

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    Dear Sir, am really suffering as there hasn’t been any breakthrough. Marriage i understood thru your previous msgs however w/o job is really a problem.

    I was working that was my only focus since 10-11 yrs however suddenly i lost my job in early 2013 and since then as much as i am trying there hasn’t been any victory in that front, i feel career was only and only somewhat strength in my horoscope now even that has been in oblivion.

    I would really request any conformity or solution w.r.t getting a suitable job

    my details: 27 Jul 79….2350…Delhi

    I am really thankful for looking into this.

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    Hello Sai anjana no need worry about your marriage i think you have magalic dosh because of that only you are not able to get marriage till now try to meet good astrologers in Chennai for dosh nivaran, you will compulsory get marriage, before i use to have same problem i met godd astrologer and now i got married and happy in the life,

    this is astrologer link

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    hello sir, my name is anshika singhal and i want to know when i will get married? i am very much depressed about my marriage…
    please sir tell me this
    dabe of birth:14/07/1992
    birth time:01:40 A.M
    Birth Place:city-Muzaffarnagar
    State: Uttar Pradesh

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