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Marriage Muhurat – Ensure Marital Success With Best Timing

muhurat for marriage

Consulting a Brahmin before starting anything new is not uncommon in India. It may be the laying of the foundation of a new house or moving to a new apartment, starting of new business, a marriage in the family, a distant journey or something similar. One would agree that one thing is certain that successful completion of work depends upon ... Read More »

Be Careful of These Wedding Dates – Dates to Avoid for Marriage

numerology wedding date

Commonly, around 45% of couples suffer from different types of problems such as divorce, childlessness, debt, ill health, suspicion, loss, drinking, family disputes, division of joint families, quarrels between couples, only female children, children with birth defects, loss of body parts due to accidents, escape or missing of a life partner, distant living with life partner due to job or ... Read More »

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