I am RishiRahul. You may call me Rishi! I am a self-taught Astrology, Numerologist and Palmist who uses their combination (the three predictive tools of ‘Jyotish’) for predictive purposes, with precise timelines. Having spent above 40+ years & extensive hours on the study, research, practice of the Astrology. Palmistry, and Numerology, I was able to develop the skill of using them together in combination, to assist each other in predicting, forming a predictive force which is timeless & meaningful, sharpening accuracy & predictive vision, adding better understanding of the event & circumstance. The confluence of all 3 predictive views give a more holistic, complete and accurate analysis, specially helpful in resolving many a crisis for my clients over last 15+ years; Which was not possible with just the singular knowledge of Astrology; or Palmistry; or Numerology. Make an appointment with me to get a sense of this all-pervading force that could change your life, bringing direction and peace therefrom; That is if you are serious about not just predictions, but guidance and events leading to the prediction RishiRahul https://www.rishirahul.com/

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