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Reply To: marriage


Om namaha shivaya

with given birth details as girl’s time of birth is not given it will not become an accurate analysis.

how ever on basis of given date of birth 26 guna are matching

for boy married life would be some what distubed. but saving grace if that lagan lord guru is well placed in own house, 10, sun in house 9 and moon in house 11.

venus is somw what spoiled due to rahu.

girls jupiter is house 6 and as such not good as per vedic princiles

but planets like moon are in mars star.. so she might be of dominating attitude.

her venus is better compared to your venus

for you ssaturn and ketu in lagan can give very different type of profession
and make you some what religious.

some difficulties are also seen in childbirth. in your chart

in her chart too there are some difficulties but gurru in lagan can give some hope.

these wiill be problemss in marriage.

better consult more senior astrolgers