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Sorry to hear your troubles. You are under Sun mahadasha since 28/10/2011 and Sun is placed in nakshatra of Saturn with Saturn as sublord. Also 10th house lord Venus is combust and 9th lord Mars is retrograde in 10th house. Your sadesaati is also under way and next 5 years will be tough as Saturn will transit over your moon re-wiring your thinking/approach to life (be ready to grind yourself as Saturn won’t give you results otherwise).

Moon mahadasha starting from 28/10/2017 for 10 years will be tad better for career as Moon is placed in nakshatra of Ketu with Mercury as sublord showing combination for money but also troubles (also shows love affairs will bloom in your life). Jupiter transit to 3rd house in Sep 2017 will also open doors but given Saade Saati and job loss combinations, you will see ups and downs.

Doing a job or business related to Mars & Mercury finance/real-estate/finance will help (especially as Moon has mercury as sublord).