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jvsrao (KP Astrologer)JVS Rao (KP Astrologer)

You are running Rahu dasa and Jupiter bhukti upto 29-02-2020. Rahu is signifying 3,7 and 8 houses. It says that creation of tensions through communications with whom you deal. There would be open enemies. Your health in respect of “Mind” will be in trouble. Your ego will be damaged. If you go for love, as the dasa lord Rahu is the significator, the other party may drop, that causes you disturbed.
Bhukti lord Jup is also signifying mainly health issues. These would be upto 29-02-2020. After the date, things will turn to your favour. You may change the profession. Till then you can not get satisfactory income.
In Saturn Bhukti, you will be wedded to a boy who is already known to you. Please take care of proper compatibility of both charts.
I have already discussed in earlier posts and advised you to read “Aditya Hridayam” to get rid of health problems and alround success.
Please go through the advice of Mr.TMR who already suggested to read “Narayana kavacham”
In stead of asking one or other, please go to paid analysis and get complete picture from Mr. TMR or Mr.Navneet Khannaji.
Good Luck.