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after analysisng charts of meena raasi and makara raasi.. 29 point match.

for utarapabhadrapda part 4 and uttarshada part 2.

as per star based system your marriage planents are rules by saturn and his planets are ruled and venus and jupiter . and saturn in one chart aspectss jupiter in another chart.

saturn and venus are 2/12 position from each other.

lagan are 3/11 wth sun and mercury ruled raasis.

sun for one is ketu star and in another its jupiter star. but such sun is conjunct ketu

one moon in sun star and others moon in saturn star..

for one marriage house has sun so there will domination and in boys chart there is rahu influence

the boy lagan has guru that good placements , but he has tension in life due to relatives.

girls family is more like religious type or do not mix up easliy with neighbours compareed to boy family.

boy 5th house has rahu he may not easily of committing type.

due to jupiter in lagan boy will be learned person , but saturn is retro with moon…so it will not be easy to understand him.

so you decide accordingy.