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Can be i an astrologer?

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      My namaste to all learned astrologers on this forum.

      Here are my birth details:
      Dob-17 November, 1988
      Time: 15:55
      Place-Ghaziabad, UP, India

      I am wondering if i can make a good astrologer. I sometimes get intuitive reflections, but i usually ignore them. Does my chart have any strong indication of making it as a successful astrologer?


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      Yes, you have all the qualities of becoming a good astrologer if you learn the subject well. Read my blog Navagraha Astrology Online

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      Thank you sir for your guidance, but i am concerned about one of the readings another astrologer did for me.

      According to him, “If you do astrology you will be in pretty bad position over a period of time. But unfortunately I see cant be stopped or cant be controlled Yoga.
      Reason being placements of Ketu Venus Merc Sun and Saturn.
      If you have started learning check the events in your life and their significance. ”

      Is there any truth to this?

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      You read my blog which will give you an exposure to Scientific evaluation of your horoscope. Wayside astrologers will tell you so many things. Most of them do not have any clue about the Mathematics of Astrology.

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      K.Umamaheswara rao

      If you want to become an astrologer ,you have to read books for
      two or three years.You need not worry whether a particular
      combination is there in your horoscope or not.
      Lakhs of people ,are becoming doctors and engineers,irrespective
      of their horoscopes.
      Similarly thousands of people are becoming space scientists and
      senior software analysts,earning lakhs of rupees.
      They never consulted any astrologers before taking specialisations.

      So,dont worry about planetary combinations in your horoscope ,start
      learning astrology in earnest manner.
      Country needs thousands of astrologers , yoga asana specialists and mantra
      yoga specialists.

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      No as per your chart There is no Yog for Learning astrology.

      But No one can stop your effort. All the best.

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