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      Hi! I was born on 26 November 1994 at 23:05 in Belgrade, Serbia. I would like to know when my boyfriend will come to Serbia, as he is currently on a cruise ship in Los Angeles, CA and the Pacific Ocean. He is working there and the company keeps extending his contract. His date is: 8 June 1982 at 20:20h in Curnavaca, Morelos, Mexico. We are also facing some relationship and communication challenges, especially because he is worried if we will make it and he is questioning the relationship and recalling all the bad things that happened. He says he doesn’t want to break up, he is just concerned. I am more hopeful than him I think, so I would like to know when those issues between us will be resolved as well.

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      Most of your concerns are beyond the scope of Vedic astrology. What at best we can do is check horoscope compatibility for marriage for which you will have to come through Paid consultation.

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