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      My daughter is not socializing with other people or kid. She has lot of anxiety,fear and sensory problem. She does not like to be touched and like to play alone. She does not speak much.She does not look at when you call her name.

      Her teacher was telling us that she is showing some red flag of autism.

      Will she ever gonna be fine or socialize with other kid & outgrow from anxiety and fear according to astrology?

      birth date: dec 29, 2015
      time : 2:33PM
      place: baltimore, maryland

      Please help us to understand.


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      As per astrology, she has a very powerful horoscope and her success factor in life is 61% which is rated as first class. She will be all right by end of 2019. In the meantime you can take her to children’s park and allow her to play there for sometime with other children.

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      K.Umamaheswara rao

      Already you read good future for your daughter from sri TMR.
      Make her to sit in sunlight daily for 10minutes.
      Daily massage her body with water for 10 minutes from head to toe.

      [email protected]

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      JVS RAO (KP Astrologer)

      There would be improvement from Venus dasa which is from 05-09-2019.
      The basic nature of your child is obstinate. Slow in her actions. speaks less.
      She will have fertile imagination. She likes to be authoritative and alone.
      Never show authority over her to control. Try to convince her with logic.
      Good Luck

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      Thank you all sending this response so quick.

      I have read three of your concern.

      Question to JVS RAO,

      I understand my daughter first nature would be stay alone, but will she be ever social with people? would she be able to speak, right now she does not speak.

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      JVS Rao(KP Astrologer)

      Dear Arther
      Lagna of your daughter is Taurus which is a fixed sign, aspected by Saturn from 6th house which is house of sickness. Lagna lord Venus is conjoined with Saturn in 6th house. Hence your child will have a sickly constitution. Saturn aspect gives her poor resistance and slow recovery. Saturn delays things but not denies.
      Lagna sublord Jupiter, lord of 11th house (house of friends) signifies 7th house and 5th house. So she likes the society and have friends.
      Her 2nd house (house of speech) lord Mercury is in 8th house. There would be defective speech. But she will speak very late.
      As I said from the end of this year 2019, you will find changes. All of a sudden she will not speak fluently, but you will find improvements.
      Good Luck.

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      JVS Rao sir,

      I just look at my daughter chart.

      In your answer you mentioned that mercury in 8th house and Saturn in 6th house.

      her mercury in 9th house not in 8th house. Saturn and venus in 7th house not in 6th house. her Jupiter & moon in 4th house. sun in 8th house. mars in 6th, ketu in 11th.
      rahu in 5th.

      is there any misunderstanding happened regarding mercury and Saturn & venus

      Pls let me know. sorry I am asking too much, but want to make sure I am on same page with u


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      JVS Rao (KP Astrologer)

      Dear Arther
      My system has taken Baltimore time zone as GMT -6.00. Hence the error occurred. As you pointed out, Moon is in 4th sign and 4th house. Jupiter is in the same 4th sign, but in the 5th house as 5th cusp started at 17deg – 5′-8″ and Jupiter is in 29deg-6′-23″.
      Mercury is in 9th house, Sun in the 8th house. Ketu is in the 11th house. Rahu is in the 5th house. Saturn is in the 7th sign and house, whereas Venus is in the 7th sign, 6th house.
      I use KP StarOne software. In KP analysis, we consider houses only and not signs. Signs are considered to know the strength of the planets, where the houses are event givers.
      As difference in the time zone created an error of 1 hour all my readings above went wrong.
      Lagna sublord Moon is in the star of Ketu in 11th and sub of Rahu in 5th house, your child will like the society of children. Ketu is a representative of Sun in 8th and Jupiter in 5th. Sun gives isolation, authority. So she likes to be alone.
      2nd sublord Venus is in the star of Saturn in 7th and sub of Saturn which is in the star of Mercury lord of 2(speech) and 3rd is in the 9th. Hence your child definitely speaks but slow or there would be delay.
      I picked up Venus dasa because Venus is cuspal sublord of 2nd and 11th and connected to 2nd,3rd and 9th which is from 5th Sep 2019.
      Good Luck

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      House Start Cusp End Planets in it

      1st 25 Ar 52′ 27.20″ 10 Ta 52′ 27.20″ 25 Ta 52′ 27.20″ Asc
      2nd 25 Ta 52′ 27.20″ 10 Ge 52′ 27.20″ 25 Ge 52′ 27.20″
      3rd 25 Ge 52′ 27.20″ 10 Cn 52′ 27.20″ 25 Cn 52′ 27.20″
      4th 25 Cn 52′ 27.20″ 10 Le 52′ 27.20″ 25 Le 52′ 27.20″ Moon
      5th 25 Le 52′ 27.20″ 10 Vi 52′ 27.20″ 25 Vi 52′ 27.20″ Jupiter, Rahu
      6th 25 Vi 52′ 27.20″ 10 Li 52′ 27.20″ 25 Li 52′ 27.20″ Mars
      7th 25 Li 52′ 27.20″ 10 Sc 52′ 27.20″ 25 Sc 52′ 27.20″ Venus, Saturn
      8th 25 Sc 52′ 27.20″ 10 Sg 52′ 27.20″ 25 Sg 52′ 27.20″ Sun, Pl
      9th 25 Sg 52′ 27.20″ 10 Cp 52′ 27.20″ 25 Cp 52′ 27.20″ Mercury
      10th 25 Cp 52′ 27.20″ 10 Aq 52′ 27.20″ 25 Aq 52′ 27.20″ Ne
      11th 25 Aq 52′ 27.20″ 10 Pi 52′ 27.20″ 25 Pi 52′ 27.20″ Kethu, Ur
      12th 25 Pi 52′ 27.20″ 10 Ar 52′ 27.20″ 25 Ar 52′ 27.20″

      Too many cooks spoil the broth.

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      Tina Namsinh

      Hi pls help. My son is non verbal autism. He was born on April 16, 2014 at 6:11 pm USA Fountain Valley, CA
      Im very worried about him he’s severe will he talk and get married and have kids?

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      Your daughter was born with Moon/Chandra posited in the Lunar Constellation of Magha Nakshatra, ruled by Ketu. So, she started her life in the midst of Ketu Maha-Dasha as per Vimsottari Dasha system. The initial few years were also influenced by the 8th house/lord of trying-testing and transformational times.

      Since later part of 2019, she has changed Maha-Dasha to that of Lagna Lord Venus/Shukra… who also happens to be a nasty Roga-Karaka. He is placed very close to Mrityu Bhaga and within the fatal Trimsamsa degrees. He is conjunct Saturn/Shani-dev – a Badha-Karaka, in the 7th house of Kalathra-Sthana or house of relationships and participated in Rashi Parivarthana with 7th lord Mars/Kuja, placed in the 6th house – not to mention the fact that he is caught between all Krura Graha. Saturn/Shani-dev is also placed close to Mrityu Bhaga and has below par Vimsopaka Bala in Dasha Varga.

      Apart from all that, Udaya Lagna or Ascendent is being aspected by Saturn/Shani-dev, Mars/Kuja and Rahu. Please share some background, current situation and provide some insight into medical diagnosis of the child.

      Take care…

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        Just so clarify…my observation/assessment is for the original poster or thread starter.

        Take care…

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