When will my husband getting job

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      My husband is born in pune on 1st march72 at around 1.13 pm. He is not having permanent job after 2017. He is an engineer. I am house wife. I can see, he is struggling and suffering his confidence. He worked on contract basis until 2020 but after that nothing.
      what should he do in this case or do you see any immediate relief for job.  I am also loosing my patience. We have financial difficulties.



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      Hello Madam,

      Currently your husband is running Jupiter dasa who is 10th Lord. Jp is debiliated and placed in 8th house. This indicates loss of Job or infamy related to work/profession. This dasa will continue till 2028.

      Chart is indicating that your Husband has some Talents/skills and he is artistic. Encourage him in that area and he will be happy and confident.


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      Rao sir, please guide m.

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      Mohan Krishna_9573443779

      Positive period has started for him now. In next few months he will slowly get better, gain confidence and find a stable career. You and he have to do two simple remedies.

      Every Thursday do Guru graha puja in a local temple and read Guru 108 names stotra 3 times.
      Every Saturday do Shani graha puja in a local temple and read Shani 108 names stotra 3 times.

      You can ask the priest about the procedure and items for puja in the temple.

      All these days you have seen bad times. Now good times are going to start for you. So, now act wisely and get divine blessings to progress in your life. Also, ask your husband to get more professional training in his field of work that can help him grow in his career.

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      <p style=”text-align: left;”>My husband’s dob is 21 Oct 1991, 9:20am</p>
      We are in Qatar now and came with a hope of financial support with his business expansion. But the business is at loss and now he is looking for a job for survival. He is jobless since past 4 months and have not got any better since then, he is planning to return home now. Why is this pathetic situation and when will things get better. Is it better for us to return back to India? We have a lot of debts and bills to pay off .

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        Place of birth is an essential input for casting a birth-chart. Please consider including the same.

        Take care…

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