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Navneet Khanna

If you feel that by possessing all the items you listed you would have achieved your life goals then you are mistaken. We get what is destined and our Karma Theory says that , we can change a portion of that and rest we cannot do anything about it and need to learn to live with it. In your horoscope 7th house is ruled by Saturn and Saturn is retrograde in your chart. Saturn also ruled the 6th house where its Capricorn sign is there. Your Rashi is Capricorn. As your lagan is Leo and Rashi is Capricorn you will be a very conflicting person, Within yourself , wanted to help all, but able to help none. Saturn is debilitated in the bhagyastan and retrograde. Venus the karka for marriage is debilitated. Cutting things short, when you have debilitated Venus it indicates that you have given past trouble to your wife. 7th lord in 9th house debilitated, indicates that your luck or bhagya will come with support and cooperation of your wife. Therefore always respect and avoid confrontation in life. You start doing this and you will see much better days ahead.


Navneet Khanna

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