I want to know the effect of mars antardasha in rahu mahadasha

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      K Manoharan

      I am going through rahu mahadasha and moon antardasha right now.. so far rahu has given me mixed results in life and due to moon antardasha i am facing a lot of stress and anxiety. I am really worried how my mars antardasha would be.. Rahu has given me an excellent education with university first mark and I am doing doctorate now.. I am really worried about my career. DOB: 16/03/1996, 1:12 pm.. Please tell me how my mars antardasha would be

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      K Manoharan

      Sir, My birth place is coimbatore, tamil nadu

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      If your birth details are correct, Mars is highly malefic with a single digit strength of 7% which is the weakest planet in your horoscope. You will have better results after Jupiter Mahadasa sets in June 2023 which is though a malefic has a strength of 70% which can give you good results with a lot of hard work.

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      K Manoharan

      Thank you sir.

      Can you please tell me when I will get a job sir? also is it favourable to start my own business sir

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      You complete your doctorate and then approach us. Your career will depend a lot on your acquiring higher qualification.

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      My Mars Antardasha is running under Rahu Mahadasha, and it will end in July 2023.
      My Moon Antardasha has given mixed results (Taurus Moon). But I’m worried about my Mars Antardasha.
      I’m a Cancer Ascendant, and my Rahu is in the 6th House (Sagittarius), and Mars is in the 8th House (Aquarius). Retrograde Jupiter in Second House.

      14:32 Hours, 7th April 1992, Mumbai.

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      Mars is weaker than Moon in your horoscope. Rahu though a benefic has hardly any residential strength with around 20%. Should you be interested, you can come through Paid consultation as indicated in my profile on this site.

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      Prianka Bhattacharjee
      1. My DOB details is 30th October 1985, 16.20 in Sylhet Bangladesh.
      2. I would like to know the effects in my job asI am having huge trouble already.


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      Sai nikhil

      Hello sir I am Sai nikhil, DOB – 11/12/2000, 3pm

      I am currently doing my masters in electrical engineering in taiwan, I don’t know what happened to me I am going to so many things badly these were happing to me before also but after coming here these are too effective, I use to study well and remember so many things, in both daily and education life but now suddenly I don’t know what happened I am forgetting many things, getting frustrated for silly things, lot of confusion, overthinking, what ever I speak it is reflecting as negative, even i am being good the others are taking negatively for silly reasons people are quarrelling with me, I am getting so much alone, unable to focus on my study sir, please help me to get out of these things, if possible please tell me when will I be our of these situations


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        It would help if you were clear in sharing details. Do let me/us know if your date of birth should be read as 11th December or 12th November. Also, check and confirm if the time of birth is accurate… And, lastly share the place of birth.

        Take care…

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      Binod Parajuli


      My DOB: 1984-12-15, 17:10, Gorkha, Nepal.

      I am facing horrible fear, anxity and ensomnia since when my Rahu-Moon period started with a fear from my past mistakes. How will be my remaining Rahu-moon period and specially Rahu-mars? Should I follow any remedy to overcome any bad effects?

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      B datta

      My dob 04/04/1985 8.35 am can you please tell me

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      Hi I am Deepthi, I am going through Rahu Moon since from oct-22. One more month. I don’t understand what’s happening in my life. 2007 my Rahu started, and my life look like fancy movie. Now I have fears always on my health, memory problem,sleep problems… Jobless, moneyless!! My kids also suffering. My husband adjusted like anything…. Some astrologers please tell me !! Will I be okay in future??? Money problem will be fine ???? Health? I am totally stressed

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      1. Dob:11/9/1969
      2. 8.55am
      3. Bangalore
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