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Reply To: Conjunction of 3 planets

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Navneet Khanna

Mars is the lagan and also the 6th house lord. As its Mooltrikona sign falls in the 6th house , you will have more of the malefic traits of Mars in you, which can be being short tempered, looking for immediate results, prompt action. Mars in the lagan also makes you mangalik and such people get angry very easily, however as Venus and Mercury are conjoined with Mars, there would always be a good logic because of Mercury behind your temper, and Venus being a peace loving planet will make you calm very easily. You will not keep things in your heart for a long time. Venus is the 12th house lord and in the lagan, therefore such person, does not think twice before spending. 6th lord being in the lagan, such native can overspend beyond their means and can also take debts and loans. Mercury is lord of the 11th house of gains, therefore such people look for a reason in everything. They are intelligent, strong memory and sharp mind. Mars and Venus not a good conjunction in lagan and therefore you should stay away from quick relationships.


Navneet Khanna

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