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Navneet Khanna

Mars being a malfic that is the 8th lord , health wise it will not be good. Frequent headache, nech pain, due to stress and tensions can be there. 8th lord dasha is not good from the health point of view. Regarding profession extra effort will be required to get gains. Mars is highly favourable in the 10th house but being Malific it will be challenging. The 4th house represents the house and the 10th house represents the outside. Mars in the 10th house is like a soldier in wild, you have to rough it out to get the professional gains in life. But Mars gives the native courage, initiative and capacity to fight. The 2nd house lord of wealth and 9th house lord of fortune is Venus which is exalted, but cojoined with Ketu and lagnesh Mercury. Mercury despite being in its sign of debilitation , is not bad in any way, because it is with Venus in its exaltation. You should need to focus and work towards it. Financially eventually I feel you should be very comfortable. Mercury being debilitated , dont just sit down and plan get up and execute and work on those plans as well. Yours is a good horoscope and eventually you will do well in your life.

God Bless,

Navneet Khanna

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