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Reply To: Regarding Laxmi yoga in daughters horoscope

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Dear Umamaheswar rao,

your first reply is not in line with second reply. you mentioned lakshmi spoiled due to shani’s aspect on guru ! In second reply, you mentioned that i’m confused with parivartana yoga with lakshmi yoga. Completely, contradictory and easy catch!

Lord of the second house is shani sitting in 12th house (scorpio sign). Infact which is 11th place from second house. In this case i believe shani is benefic rather than being malefic in the horoscope signifying gains from foreign land and spirituals spheres of life. Moreover, shani is also recieving benefic 4th aspect from 10th house mars (who attained digbala). Also, Mars is benefic for saggitarious ascendant.

How do you say that shani’s aspect on guru will spoil mahaparivartana yoga ?? Shani is not bad all times being natural malefic. Yes you are right one point that lakshmi yoga is different from mahaparivarthana yoga.

But horoscope has mahaparivartana yoga which also recieves blessings from goddess lakshmi.

I know for dhanu lagna, mercury is maraka. But however, it is cancelled due to benefic aspects of guru and sun who are involved in mahaparivartana yoga. Also lagna lord guru sitting in 9th house (natural own house) is powerful. Remember, sun and mercury are forming budh adithya yoga in 1st house which is also highly beneficial.

You also observe that planets occupying 1st and 9th house ruling kendra and trikona houses.

Astrologers can prove complete analysis of horoscope if we pay consultation fees. Since this is free service you aresaying that astrologers will not take much time to interpret horoscope completely.

Anyway, Thank you very much for your time !

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