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Ravichandra Reddy

Dear Xen,

Rahu in ascendant is debilitated in scorpio and ketu is also debilitated in Taurus (7th house). Rahu and ketu in 1-7 axis form sarpa dosha or kalathra dosha (inauspicious yoga). You will have hard time in relationships. This yoga will also delay marriage and also create problems in marital relationships. Currently, you are running through venus mahadasha. you may get married in ven-jupiter or venus-saturn or venus-mercury antardasha’s. Asper jaimini astrology, Saturn and mercury are holding lowest degrees in your horoscope.

Moon is the most benefic planet for your ascendant following sun and Jupiter. Moon in 9th house in own sign is very powerful in your chart. Mars and Saturn are neutral. Venus, mercury, rahu, ketu are functional malefics. However, mars is exalted in 3rd house can negate the malefic effects of venus. In career you will not have problems. You will have good status in life ! Problems are with relationships (ego problems). Female natives will get irritated with your attitude. You’ll have communication problems with them. Respect them and be kind to them. This will improve relationships.

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