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K.Umamaheswara Rao
k.umamaheswara rao

In tthe beginning,your problems were due to bad karma of previous life,which is
shown by dosha in your horoscope.
Subsequently,your problems were aggravated as you spoiled your body by too many
allopathic medicines.
Ayurvedic medicines may not do that much of harm.
YOur body is spoiled to a large extent.It needs long treatment for 6months or even
You got chronic migraine(12years),unknown injury in throat,severe gastric problem etc.YOu may also be having liver problem and kidney problem,as you used
pain killers and antibiotics,since a long time.
You follow my method for one month.If there is some improvement ,continue this method or else leave it.
Avoid milk products,sweets,sweet fruits,nonveg,fish,eggs,dry fruits for one month
Prepare leaf juice of 30 coriander leaves,15 pudina leaves,15 tulsi leaves,20gms
of raddish and drink it in the morning ,without filtering.
Reduce medicines after 4 days.

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