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hello Geetanjali

This time period supports new job…as Jupiter in transit ( 5th house of Job change )aspects karma karaka and your 10th lord shani. And also labha house and your natal lagna …..
During this rahu period till jan 16th 2017 you will get job…specially current month till 11th oct, again month of Nov end till dec 21 is also ok….

The question you have put about Job prospects …saturn the 10th lord is retrograde meaning lot of hardwork needed .and you are also capable of Saturn is own house… its strong.But Saturn being hardtask master in general has its own hardway of giving you Job.
Saturn is currently not giving you very good result due to its transit in vrichaka …But Jupiter aspect and strength is saving you though Jupiter is an enemy to ur lagna…prayers to shani ji Maharaj, Specially hanman Chalisa..will help , you can perform the prayer in Tuesday….being day deicated to Lord of mars ( it can take care to mars give it positive energy as its in lagan)
Transit of sun is improving from oct 16th onwards .


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