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Reply To: When will I have a baby?

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Thank you for your reply Mr. Navneet, I really appreciate that. Yes, I have seeked medical advice and have undergone many medical treatments for last 10 years. None of the treatments resulted in a pregnancy so far. This is creating problems in my married life too. My husband has been very supportive so far but problems do arise because of other family members. My inlaws are not willing to adopt and I cant go against them. I dont have a problem in adoption though. I am really tense and desperate at the moment. Even a little ray of hope will be a big help. Do you see me becoming a mother in my horoscope at all? I am sending you my husband’s DOB at the end of this msg, incase you want to check tht as well. Thanks a lot and May God bless u with lots of happiness. You are helping the community by doing this noble job. Thanks again!

My husbands details –
DOB: 22 January 1977
Place: Dhariwal, Punjab, India
Time: unknown.

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