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Reply To: I am worried about my marriage

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Marriages are made in heaven. When and why you are born in this world is known to God only and if marriage and procreation is destined, you will have it at the appropriate time. Astrology can only give you an insight into how good a marriage you will have and the success factor of your marriage.

Marriage is not a bed of roses. Before marriage you will crave for one and after marriage to maintain the marriage comfortably is a herculean task. So leave it to fate or destiny. There is little point in worrying about it. Marriages are not made, they happen.

In your horoscope 7th house which signifies Marital Bliss has a good strength and the most probable time of marriage will be around October 2015. However your 4th house which indicates mental happiness is very poor and therefore by nature, you are a worrying type and always in tension about the uncertain future.

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