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Navneet Khanna

Dear jagedhwor,

Please note that there is no formula in this world which can do what you say and that is make wishes come true. In happens only in Fairy tail stories. You wish something and you get it. In this world we get what we are supposed to get. Good or Bad depending upon our past karmas which we have accumulated.

Karma is the principle which no one can escape. It is like the law of gravity By Isaac Newton. We may not realize it but that is surrounding us. It is universal for everything like Cat, Dog, Mountains, Water, Humans. Similarly the Principle of Karma is universal and that decides what we will get in this life.

Stop being critical of your life and circumstances. Face your challenges and then try to improve upon them by doing Penance. Only by doing good deeds you will be able to reduce your karmic debt and accumulate good karmas which will help you in your life ahead.


Navneet Khanna