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So sir,

That means our sages of ancient times were expert in penance and japa. May be they would had got it. But nowadays it must be really very very hard to get to that level like our sages. As no one gets so much time to continuously do japa for 10 years. It must be not so easy.

After all whether it is psychic ability or clairvoyance, the person who claims he had it must be tested.

I have gone through some psychic also. But i was really very upset too see how the peoples were being fooled by the clairvoyant person.

A person who has spent a day without nothing to eat ( due to his own bad deeds) now after getting those supernatural power, he takes money from the people in huge amount and now he is one of the richest in our neighbour town.

I hope modiji’s demonitization must have punished him a bit.