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Reply To: To khanna Ji for daughter’s marriage.


All marriages are arranged marriages arranged by God himself. Parents, priests and others are only the tools in this process like a screw driver. Love before marriage is only infatuation and real love starts only after marriage.

The delay in marriage is due to your poor 7th house. The lord of 7th house Mercury has only near zero residential strength. Even if somehow you get married, marital bliss may not be there. You can decide whether you want to marry and have an unhappy married life or just enjoy life as a single girl for the rest of your life.

I am giving below the planetary dispositions of your horoscope

Planet Strength Good% Bad% Lifeless Nature Net Strength

Sun 100.00 15.62 64.52 19.86 Malefic 80.14
Moon 39.68 77.53 22.47 0.00 Benefic 39.68
Mars 91.00 75.82 8.90 15.29 Benefic 77.09
Mercury 2.63 76.20 18.47 5.33 Benefic 2.49
Jupiter 4.88 39.13 47.71 13.16 Malefic 4.24
Venus 62.91 26.93 29.92 43.14 Malefic 35.77
Saturn 25.14 21.70 33.39 44.91 Malefic 13.85
Rahu 47.85 39.13 47.71 13.16 Malefic 41.55
Kethu 53.73 76.20 18.47 5.33 Benefic 50.87

Net 49.24 49.81 32.40 17.80 Benefic 40.48

Neither Moon which could also give marriage is that strong. And even if it can give you marriage you will have to wait till 2020.

These days we find more divorces and separations than sustained marriages primarily due to the equal status women have with men. That is why living together is so popular in most part of the world including Indian metros and cities.

I could have given you a pep talk and tell you that you will be happily married and made you happy, but I dislike lying and it will be painful to me when somebody later tell that he predicted it all wrong.

I will be the happiest person if you can prove me wrong and have a happy married life with children and grand children.