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She should have got married in the Jupiter sub period of Rahu Mahadasa because that was the most potent time for her marriage. Now that as you say it has not happened the next chance will be there during her Venus sub period starting May 2019. But as per astrological axioms Marriage has a different definition which you can read in my article “Definitions in Astrology” on my blog

Many marriages selected by parents knowing their daughters well have failed miserably in the past and even in the present. Girls are no more under the influence of parents in choosing their partners since they are all very educated and independent in all respects. And if you wish to have a scientific evaluation of her horoscope you can come through paid consultations which will give you the strength, nature of planets and their influence on all the houses in a horoscope and the potency of the periods and sub periods. A sample of such a report is there on my blog.

And on a free forum you cannot insist on replies from specific astrologers since we are all busy persons and do this free exercise only in our spare time and you cannot dictate terms.