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Your second house has Moon, sun and mercury. Conjuction of 8th,9th,10th and 11th lord.Mercury as 8th lord in 2nd causes instability in financial conditions. Sun and Moon together causing Adham yoga.

Also running Moon Dasa and Saturn bhukti. Though Moon is 9th lord but its 6th from its own house i.e not delivering great results as expected of 9th lord. Saturn is not a good planet for scorpio lagna and is conjuct Jupiter in 11th house. Jupiter is lord of 2nd house ( Finances) and placed in 11th house of gains.

Last, you are running Saturn sade sadti.Second phase starting 26th Jan 2017. Saturn moving into 2nd house.

Moon/Saturn dasa is ending in Jan 2017 and then Moon/Mercury dasa would start. No major changes in the offing. Please take care of finances and take decision after due diligence.

Please do the following remedies:

1. Wear a yellow sapphire ( 8 rati and more in gold) on Thursday . First finger of right hand.
2. Offer water to Sun God every morning.Chant gayatri mantra 24 times.
3.Offer water+milk to shivlinga on Mondays.
4.Pray to Ganesha on Wednesdays and offer durva and modak. Feed green grass to cows on wednesdays.
5.For saturn sade sati, do the following:
a. Chant maha mrityunjaya mantra everyday. 108 times or more as per your wish.
b. Offer water mixed with cow milk plus honey plus black til to pipal tree saturday. Also, lit a mustard oil lamp under the tree. Do it early morning or evenings on saturdays.
c.Donate things like blankets,tea,utensils,knife,mustard oil, black til, food etc to poor people on saturdays.

Make a habit of doing these upayas for saturn regularly to get results.

If the problems are severe then you can do the following:

1. Get vedic puja done for Moon.54000 japs of Moon mantra plus havan etc.
2. Similary for saturn you can get the Mahamrityunjaya homam done on any saturdays from any learned pandits.