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Reply To: My relationship with my father

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Samagra Chaitanya

Dear Mohit, first of all my best wishes to you for new year 2017. It is really not easy to accept about tension and stress in any kind of relationship in the openly manner like you did, so I would congratulate you for your honesty.
Mohit, arguing or disagreeing some body is not a problem, hating is. You also mentioned about no communication at all with father.
Mohit, now you are grown up boy of 23 years and you now are on the path of understanding the struggles of life. Your father did had very busy schedule at the time of your adolescent age, so you missed his care and concerns, and that has frozen your emotions for sometimes at the age from 13-14 to 19-20.
I think now you understand so many things and want to assist your father in his day to day activities and feel yourself compatible to shoulder responsibilities, so want to talk and assure your father.
Mohit, don’t worry, everything will be alright by march this year, just seek help of your mother to make father understand that you love and care for him. Start doing what you want, without waiting for his notice and nod. The relationship with your father again starts building on positive note from march this year and will come to substantial compassion by the birthday you celebrate in 2019.
So cheer up, keep going, you really know that your father needs you at this juncture of time, go ahead…
all the best, keep smiling and loving and caring for everyone.