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K.Umamaheswara Rao
K.Umamaheswara rao

1.Fast for one day in a week,for six months.
Initially for 4 or 5 weeks,you can eat uncooked
vegetables.Later on the day of fast ,you can drink
lemon juice diluted with water,daily 10 times.
2.Daily do 10 porlu dannams(telugu) or anga pradakshinams
(sanskrit).If you dont know how to do them,you ask a
senior priest in any temple.Kundalini will be awakened.
3.Daily take headbath with cold water before sunrise.
In summer,you have to take daily take three baths with
cold water(not head baths).
4.Feed birds and animals,not pet animals.
5.Daily do cow walk for 2mins and take rest for 4 mins.
Then again do it for 2 mins.Take rest for 4 mins.
It will also raise kundalini.
6.Colour ray therapy.Instead of wearing costly
stones,you can purchase a yellow coloured celliphone
paper sheet for rs 12.Then make it four pieces.
Close your eyes and stand before sun at 9pm and
place this piece of yellow celliphone paper
(5in x 8in) on your face and allow the sun rays
pass through this paper and enter yur face for 3minutes.
Sunlight is God.Upanishads say -Jyotir Brahma.

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