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jvsrao (KP Astrologer)

Your lagna is Cancer and rasi is Virgo. Your lagna is connected with Saturn lord of 7th and 8th houses. 7th house is for legal bondage and 8th house is for tensions etc. Again Saturn is aspecting Moon. This aspect gives you frustration in all your efforts and makes you to do repeatedly. You are very intelligent and practical in thinking, but in implementation it is not so. Again Sat is in a conjunction with Sun in 12th. You will not relish the ideas of others, simply bear the situations.
Your lagna sublord is connected to Venus and 10th house you will have reputation.

As 1st cusp(self), 5th cusp (character house, pleasurable pursuits house) and Ketu ( in Meena rasi 9th Dharma sthana) sublord is Rahu, who is the significator of Jup, you are a good charactered and very disciplined lady and will not stoop to any mean practices.

7th house shows your husband’ nature. He is more practical and have leadership qualities. But he would be silent. Even then he shows interest in pleasurable puisuits.

In Jupiter period your marriage has taken place. Jupiter (lord of 6th – seperation from partner) is the star lord of 4th, 8th and 12th houses. Hence in that period you have faced dissatisfaction in your family life. Again you might have faced any accident also. Now current period is of Saturn. In this period you will find good changes slowly. What a married lady wants in her conjugal relationship, those things you will get slowly. This analysis is in KP method and is too lengthy. Pls go for paid consultation of our senior astrologers and get pariharas from them.
Good luck.
JVS Rao.

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