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jvsrao (KP Astrologer)

madam (reg health issue),
You are running Saturn dasa and Saturn Bhukti upto 29-03-2018.
Saturn is in 8th bhava in the sign Dhanus (Thighs in zodiac). But Saturn is in the star of Sun (signifies Femur, arteries) in 10th in Meena (watery sign – Feet in Zodiac) and sub of Rahu in 8th bhava in Makara (sign of knee) conjoined with Venus (lord of 12th) and Mars (lord of 6th).
The above factors are signifying your sickness in the lower parts giving pains. As Saturn is involved, diagnosis would be late. I hope there would be blockages in the veins.
Mercury bhukti starts from 29-03-2018. You will get complete relief in this period. You have to wait till then.
May God give you speedy recovery.

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