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This is a peculiar case I have come across when both male and female horoscopes are matching 100% with both horoscopes having 70% net strength. The two personalities are identical and perhaps that could be the reason why you are unable to co-exist as husband and wife. There will be nothing like give and take since both are adamant on their stands and both are correct. For married life to succeed there must be some gaps in both lives where the pegs can fit in. Your case has been a specific case for my research and this is the first time I am coming across such a situation.

The only analogy I can see when I matched your horoscope is homosexual marriages where similar situations arise. In heterosexual marriages, there will always be a potential to have some scope for give and take.

How I have arrived at my conclusions are illustrated in my articles of my blog and if you wish we can discuss this further..

I am giving below the strength, nature of all planets in one horoscope

Planet Strength Good% Bad% Lifeless Nature Net Strength

Sun 100.00 63.45 19.84 16.71 Benefic 83.29
Moon 72.24 61.60 22.05 16.35 Benefic 60.42
Mars 100.00 43.28 44.55 12.17 Malefic 87.83
Mercury 14.64 6.67 93.33 0.00 Malefic 14.64
Jupiter 90.16 50.28 40.60 9.11 Benefic 81.95
Venus 71.11 11.20 23.51 65.29 Malefic 24.68
Saturn 52.48 54.13 33.74 12.13 Benefic 46.12
Rahu 100.00 54.13 33.74 12.13 Benefic 87.87
Kethu 100.00 63.45 19.84 16.71 Benefic 83.29

Net 85.61 45.36 36.80 17.84 Benefic 70.33

Second Horoscope also has more or less the same strengths and nature. If you two realise that both are having heavily blessed life of God and have an opportunity to live together, I am sure you will be able to produce good off springs for the next generation and becoming model parents of worthwhile descendants which is one of the duties given to you on being created and left you in this globe together.

Or are you transgenders by any chance!!!?

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