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Reply To: About mangal dosha and marriage

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K.Umamaheswara Rao

According to particulars given by you previously,
the Lagna happened to be Simha lagna.
IN that horoscope,there was placement of
Sukra,Kuja and rahu in fifth house.
I wrote that kuja and sukra doshas were there.
IN that horoscope Guru is in a very good position.
He will reduce dosha to some extent.
In that horoscope ,seventh house and owner of seventh
house is not spoiled.

But according to the present particulars,
your lagna happens to be Kanya.
In this horoscope,seventh house and seventh house
owner are spoiled.
IN this horoscope also,kuja and Sukra are spoiled.
The dosha in this horoscope is double that of previous
horoscope.Further Guru in this horoscope,spoiled.