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jvsrao (KP Astrologer)

dear Praveen
You also aware that No human is good or bad, but both. If anyone favors, he is good, if the same can not do favor hen he is bad. Likewise a planet gives good in one matter, at the same time it will be bad to another. Ex: 9th house is for father and 10th house is for profession. If a planet gives a job (10th) to a person, it gives death to father (2nd from 9th). Now understand whether the planet is benefic by giving job or malefic by giving death to father. Every planet has both the qualities.
VISH YOG: When Saturn and Moon are conjoined, it is caused. Saturn is a slow moving planet and gives perfectness to any thing. Moon is a fast moving planet and gives its effect on mind. For perfectness you hove to do either carefully or repeatedly try. Such repeated efforts otherwise called postponements would be there, causing vexation to the native.
In your case the combination is in 6th house detrimental house to 7th (death inflicting house). So there is no life danger. If it is connected to 1 and 6 then some disease would attack according to Saturn. Here Saturn and Moon are connected to 2nd house (money matters). Hence you may go for a loan in the period of Saturn and Moon. Not now.
In this Venus dasa, Sun bhukti you will have monetary gains. In Moon bhukti from 03-04-2018 you will get developments in your job.
Good Luck