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If your time/birth details are spot on, you have a decent horoscope with solid potential. Some good combinations in your chart include

* Mars/Venus in 10th house in CHalit
* Moon/Sat in 6th house in Chalit (although close conjunction between Moon/Sat gives depression)
* Sun/Mer in 9th house in Chalit.

Currently you are under Mercury mahadasha and Rahu antradasha (8/7/2017 to 26/1/2020). Rahu is placed in 12th house and will bring challenges. You will start Jupiter Antradasha from 25/11/2017 and things would look better for you from then. Please note that Saturn is transiting in 8th house and you are in your last phase of saade sati, success will come post tremendous effort vs shortcuts. Saturn is most benefic planet of your horoscope and will give results post hardwork only! Doing contract/independent work might suit you better.

Post Mercury-Rahu period, Mercury-Jupiter Antradasha (26/1/2020 to 3/5/2022) and Mercury-Saturn Antradasha (3/5/2022 to 10/1/2025) will be better

This horoscope is weak on marriage side. Mercury-Rahu period might bring some opportunities but you need to grab them.

As Shri TMR said, Ketu/Venus period will bring more stability.

Remedy: Chanting mercury beej mantra 23000 times in 21 days will help alot. Wearing blue sapphire or chanting saturn beej mantra 1000 times daily will help in focus, discipline and success (Please note these remedies help in mental peace or bringing discipline, they don’t replace hardwork/logic/skills etc).

May god bless you
Astrologer Deepak