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Boy is sincere, religious and has good combination for career/professional success. He is currently running Sun Mahadasha from 14/7/2015 till 14/7/2021 which. Currently he is under Sun-Jupiter period from 1/8/2017 to 20/5/2018 and marriage seems unlikely as neither Sun or Jupiter have any connection with 7th lord Venus in nakshatra and sublord. His chances of getting married are high in Sun-Saturn from 20/5/2018 to 2/5/2019 as Saturn has Venus as nakshatra lord (Venus is also lord of 7th house). Please note that as his Venus is in close conjunction with Saturn (afflicted), his marriage life will have troubles.

You both have great horoscopes in your own regard. Both have compatible nature despite having lagna lords which are not friends (Mercury and Mars) as both have Venus as sublord.

Regarding if this marriage will happen or not best is to give a number between 1-249.